Dr Banning is an excellent psychiatrist and has changed my life for the better in many ways. She has helped me stabilise my mental health, find the right medication and balance with therapy, as well as teaching me amazing coping mechanisms that help day to day. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Source Anon via ratemds.com

October 17th 2019

Excellent psychiatrist, very helpful in helping me understand and work on my emotional issues, as well as as choosing needed and helpful medications from time to time. Very kind and knowledgeable Doctor. Made an immense difference to my life for the better.

Source Anon via ratemds.com

October 1st 2019

Dr Banning has been extremely helpful in my life.  Her kind and thoughtful approach has taught me much about how I process my emotions, and how my childhood experiences had adversely affected the choices I made in my life. I thoroughly recommend her to anyone who needs some help and guidance with their psychological state.


March 3rd 2020

Anna is a wonderful support and a compassionate listener, whilst at the same time challenging you to help unlock what is holding you back. Her techniques go beyond just talking and truly tap into the whole mind and body. Highly recommend!


March 11th 2020

A Gentle, Practical Healer

Dr. Anna Banning is a psychiatrist that takes a holistic approach to tackling issues her patients bring to her. Gently treating the mind, body and spirit helps to get to the root of each problem, eases anxiety and makes the patient feel whole again. I have only visited Anna four times and already I am feeling a difference in my wellbeing and an inner peace I have not felt for most of my life. Anna is indeed a gentle, practical healer. Highly recommended. Thank you, Anna.

September 2020

Supervision of Clinicians

I have been supervising (mentoring) groups of registered clinicians since 2011. The groups are small 7-8 people, ongoing, consistent and meet monthly.

I am a psychiatrist with a holistic orientation, familiar with most of the current practices used, including recent advances in trauma and body work. I initially trained as a child and family psychiatrist with a psychodynamic and family systems orientation. However I welcome any orientation you bring for supervision and with whatever level of training or expertise. The only requirement is to be actively engaged in clinical practice. I enjoy using role play as an experiential part of supervision as this brings life and fun into the work.

There is a nominal fee of $60 for a 2 hour session, payable in advance for a year, but the first session is free and obligation free.

If you would like to be considered for membership to a group please contact me. I also offer individual supervision sessions.


Clinicians' Testimonials

I have been working with Anna in her clinical supervision group for over a year and have found Anna to be professional, knowledgeable, and skilful. She is an experienced supervisor in clinical practice who role models skills and awareness within supervision.


March 7th 2020

I have been attending one of Anna’s supervision groups for a year and find the groups stimulating, challenging and insightful. I appreciate Anna’s extensive therapeutic expertise and the role playing technique. The wide range of other mental health supervisees and their backgrounds and experiences also make it a very interesting and supportive morning. Thanks Anna.


March 8th 2020