Dr Anna Banning

Consultant Psychiatrist

I am a psychiatrist with extensive experience of
treating people suffering from depression, anxiety,
physical and emotional pain and loss. I also like to
work with early childhood trauma which result in all the
above symptoms.

My Approach

I use techniques of mindfulness, meditative approaches, breath work, energy work and psychotherapy to help heal unresolved issues which
prevent you from having a meaningful life. I am passionate about facilitating your personal growth and transformational change.

I do offer medication as needed, but I tend to be on the conservative side of its use. I believe in the intelligence of the mind and body to heal itself and I like to work with uprooting the cause of the illness.

I do not offer treatment for ADHD.


I offer individual adult, adolescent and couples therapy.

I initially trained and practised as a child and family psychiatrist and this gave me a deep understanding of inner child work. Chronic debilitating psychological illness usually has its roots in childhood resulting in maladaptive patterns of behaviour and thinking. These patterns are unconscious and need to be uncovered to restore optimal health. Mind, feelings and body are all affected and often the best access is through the body.

Recent advances in our knowledge of the brain and neuroscience have led to an explosion of research showing how early childhood experiences are stored in the body.*

I have kept up to date with recent knowledge of the research into the brain and neuroscience. Also I have been supervising registered clinicians (psychologists, social workers, and a general practitioner).

*Bessel Van Der Kolk: The body keeps the score


Contact Me

You will need a GP referral to receive Medicare rebate which is generous and covers at least 70% of my fee. There is no limit to the number of sessions which Medicare allows and the referral is good for one year.

Mob: 0457 953 204

52 Church St

Birchgrove NSW 2041






9am – 12pm
9am – 5pm
9am – 5pm
9am – 5pm



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